Monday, 18 December 2017


"Facing the Future" _ Sculpture in clay for bronze, height 175cm, wingtip to wingtip 175cmFIND


Being an artist, my language is through images. That is how I feel most comfortable communicating the passions/feelings that are deep inside me. When I have to find words for the title of a work I therefore have a difficult task. If what I want to say is not obviously conveyed by the piece itself I feel it is a failure. 

Most of my important works are deeply personal, and my spirit somehow melts in with that of the animal I portray. If I could put down the right words I would be a writer or poet.

Everyone makes their personal interpretations when confronted with an art work, so I don't like the title to sway or taint the viewer's experience.
However, artworks need to be identified and need to give the viewer some indication. 

So . . .  . for my monumental swan sculpture, which will be realised in bronze early next year, I have chosen the title FACING THE FUTURE for the following reasons:

Every day, birds have to preen their plumage to keep their feathers in good condition.
This routine ensures that the feathers are waterproof and correctly placed, and that damaged or moulting feathers are removed. If a bird is unable to do this every day, its chances of survival are limited.

When a swan reaches the end of its thorough preening session, it stretches high and extends its wings fully and gives them a few powerful flaps, almost raising itself off the ground in the process; seeming to say "Right, job done, I'm now ready for what the day brings!"

I have chosen this particularly powerful moment for my sculpture of a male mute swan, because I think in life's journey, we are all presented with challenges and only by courageously confronting and overcoming them do we gain strength to face the future.

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